TEST & TAG is a company that provides independent inspection, verification, functionality and performance testing for compliance requirements. These are all validated and verified by a proprietary developed cloud base system that provides 100% assurance, transparency, and management. Delivering these services with a registered/skilled and trained team of Technicians throughout New Zealand supported by a dedicated Customer Service and management team that is always seeking personal improvement. This is the key influence in growing a company and brand that is recognized as being the most effective and efficient in the delivery of its services in New Zealand.

Our Software

Our myTEST&TAG app for our service technicians provides validation of the time our technicians arrived on site, completed any necessary sign in and induction requirements. It also records the services they completed on site, when they left, whom they reported to and any corrective requirements, all validated by GPS, date and time stamp.

TEST&TAG manages all technicians, services and valued customers with our proprietary developed complete management system. This system handles all our bookings, scheduling, site contacts, history, forecasting, reporting and management of all compliance records that have been tested by our technicians, and is totally expandable in functionality.

In addition, in the event that you need a replacement or new First Aid Kit, Fire Extinguisher, AED device, signage etc. we can also supply this immediately at the time of testing or implement as we provide our services. Or, you can purchase any of these items at our online shop (www.testandtagsupplies.co.nz).

TEST&TAG is proudly a New Zealand owned and operated nationwide company with no contractors. It ensures the security of our myTEST&TAG intellectual property and ensures that TEST&TAG can provide total control and confidence of our services delivered and the systems that support this delivery providing validation and accuracy.