• Fire Extinguishers
  • Fire Hose Reels
  • Fire Blankets

At TEST & TAG we test Fire Extinguishers, Fire Hose Reels and Blankets in accordance to NZS 4501:2005 (New Zealand Standard for Hand Operated Fire-Fighting Equipment). Our testing is done through our myTEST&TAG software which captures all details including location, time, date of inspection, equipment details, test results, and even tracks the GPS location.

Every year our Senior Test & Tag Technicians take part of a Fire Extinguisher course provided by a reputable company to gain knowledge in the operation of the several types of fire extinguishers and the different classes of fire.

We also photograph faulty appliances and store this to validate the corrective action required. We immediately replace faulty or inappropriate extinguishers, signage, blankets and hose reels upon request. Additionally, we are able to discard expired fire extinguishers at no additional cost.

We can inspect fire extinguishers located in buildings, vehicles and even boats. By having your fire equipment regularly inspected you ensure that you and your staff have the appropriate tools in case of a fire emergency. All of our inspections are followed by a detailed report that can be sent to you upon request. Our Scheduled Maintenance Reminder system ensures that you are in control of your next fire inspection appointment.


  • Regular service, installation and maintenance of hand-operated fire-fighting equipment ensuring peace of mind.
  • If providing other services on site then no additional travel set up costs will be charged.
  • Replace faulty or failed extinguishers with new (as like) extinguishers immediately.
  • Photo of faulty extinguishers is also taken as verification and for corrective records.
  • Remove failed extinguishers from the site for recycling programme.
  • Electronic verification of all Fire Extinguisher details and testing completed.
  • GPS location and evidence existing at the time of testing.
  • Fire trained technicians

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